Cheap Alternative to Cable TV

If you have cable TV and only watch a few shows, consider getting a $99 Apple TV. Apple TV lets you rent movies and TV shows from the Apple store, watch what’s available on Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as videos on Youtube and Vimeo. If you are a sports fan, Apple TV also has MLB, NHL, and NBA apps so you never miss a game. Granted, if you have subscriptions to all of these services, you probably won’t save much money, but you will be paying for exactly what you watch instead of hundreds of channels of junk. If you have other Apple products like iPhone, iPad or MacBook, you get the added bonus of automatic integration between these devices and the Apple TV. You can stream shows and pictures from your phone directly to your TV!



Cheap Alternative to Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite model is priced around $119, but what if you want an eReader that’s even cheaper.  What if I told you an eReader will be available this year for less than $15?

The txtr beagle is designed to do best what eReaders are intended for: reading digital books. It is a simple pocket-sized eReader that runs for a year on 2 AAA batteries. Books are transferred from your phone via Bluetooth.

Check out this txtr beagle demo: